22 Dec 2010

STRATEGIC PLAN of BJA for 2011-2013, accepted by the General Assembly

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The Bulgarian Judges Association (BJA) was established with the aim of developing and strengthening the legal and law administration traditions of Bulgarian society and uniting the professional community of judges on the basis of these traditions. Although BJA is the first professional organisation of judges established after the fall of the totalitarian regime in 1989, it is the successor to the Association of Bulgarian Judges established in 1919, which remained active until it was dissolved in 1945. Over the years BJA has established its positions of a highly respected voluntary professional association, which represents the common interests of the professional community of judges, defends its interests and participates in the process of addressing specific challenges the community is faced up with. In the past, the organisation was granted relatively broad powers to initiate procedures, including disciplinary proceedings against judges, act as a mediator between judges and other public servants, provide expert support to the legislative power, keep records and publish a magazine intended for the professional community. 
These traditions were severed in 1945 for the entire duration of the communist regime in Bulgaria and were re-established at the time of reconstituting the organisation in 1997.
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