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03 Ное 2013

Съдебен диалог по въпросите на свободата на изразяване

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General Information

The Centre for Judicial Cooperation at the European University Institute in collaboration with its partners – Judicial Academy (Croatia), the Superior School for Magistracy (Italy), Supreme Administrative Court (Poland), the Superior Council of Magistracy and the National Institute for Magistracy (Romania), Judicial School (Spain) as we ll as the Association of European Administrative Judges inform with great pleasure that the project funded by the European Commission Fundamental Rights & Citizenship Programme (JUST/20
12/FRAC/AG/2755) ”European judicial cooperation in the fundamental rights practice of national courts - the unexplored potential of judicial dialogue methodology” started on January 1 st, 2013.
Three Workshops involving judges both from five par tner states as well as other Member States and the European level courts will take place within the framework of the Project. The purpose of the Workshops is to promote the potential that judicial  dialogue presents to national judges through the lens of selected particular fundamental rights.
Each of the events will, therefore, be focused on one of the selected three rights. These will be, in turn, non-discrimination, fair trial, and freedom of expression.

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